About EEMC

Established in 1983 as a joint venture with
a UK company, IAL, and a subsidiary of Standard Cables; now Enhanced Engineering & Multi-Technologies Co. 

With More that 30 years in the IT market EEMC has been exploring how technology and services can help our customers address their problems and challenges


  Welcome Message

Welcome and thank you for visiting EEMC; although we are a relatively young organization, founded in 1983, we have always had big ambitions. EEMC evolved from a maintenance company focused on mainframe related services onto an IT and communication solutions - services vertical oriented market Driver Company.  

Our commitment to quality, standardization, customer service and product - service innovation has made EEMC a market leader.
Staying true to our founding spirit, EEMC stays firm to its main perspectives; our customers, community, shareholders, company, and ourselves.  
We shall continue to evolve as an organization leading our field in the solutions facilitating our customer’s business needs.
EEMC family

  Strategic alliances are an important part of business at EEMC. They enable us to bring the latest technologies in the market to enhanced the highest quality of service to our valuable customers.

EEMC & Partners delivers advanced application services on the strength of its standardized methodology as well as rich experience in implementing applications for a wide range of industrial sectors.
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